You already spend two-thirds of your life working. How you spend the remaining third depends on what you'll let a TimeBridge online personal assistant do for you.

How much more time could you spend with the people you love if you could pass off the tedious, mundane and time-consuming tasks of everyday life? Things like:

  Making appointments and reservations
  Creating and updating spreadsheets, documents, expense reports and databases
  Organising events, parties, meetings and holidays
  Paying bills and maintaining accounts
  Searching the web for information
  Completing expense reports, timesheets and other records
  Updating your online presence, posting blogs and sending CVs

Anything that can be handled online or by phone can be passed on to your online personal assistant, leaving more time to spend living your life instead of managing it.

We take care of the 1001 things that clutter your life, from organising a birthday party to sorting out the most complex spreadsheet.